Startup Advisor

Dr. Audrey Depelteau
Director, ETSU Innovation Lab
Speciality: Business Development, Investment

Dr. Audrey Depelteau owned and operated the largest multi-disciplinary health care clinic in Boston, Massachusetts from 1983 – 2005 with satellite offices in Massachusetts and California until 2009. Audrey, a former Environmental Toxicologist, returned to academia as the Biology Education Coordinator in the department of Biological Sciences at East Tennessee State University (ETSU). During that time, she was the manager of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant and is adept at designing, delivering and assessing interdisciplinary student-centered curriculum and grant writing.

Audrey, a successful entrepreneur herself, has been the Director of the ETSU Innovation Lab since December 2010. The Innovation Lab’s vision ‘transforming the future through innovation’ guides her in assisting entrepreneurs and researchers in developing emerging technologies from concept through commercialization. Under her leadership, the Innovation Lab received the International Business Innovation Association’s International Soft Landings Designation in 2015 and has recruited, landed and assisted several European companies to enter the United States market. The ETSU Innovation Lab is one of 26 International Soft Landings designations in the world.

Audrey is a mentor in the Climate Reality Leadership Training and has personally given over 75 Climate Change Presentations. She has an Honors Code Certificate in Climate Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Audrey asserts that it will take visionaries, unprecedented levels of cooperation, strong leadership, and the involvement of a broad coalition of scientific leaders, entrepreneurs and community members to create the fundamental tipping point that will reduce the impact of this global phenomena on society.

Audrey has lived in a multi-generational home with family members ranging from college students to an elderly aunt. Joining them was a Boxer, four rescued cats (three were originally feral), and three rescued parrots (two African Grays and an Eclectus). Audrey, the recipient of numerous awards, is active in community service & serves on a wide-range of executive boards.

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