It begins with an idea, a simple spark. 
Then your life changes forever. Our region’s entrepreneurs are working hard every day to change our communities and the world

At the time I started ActionVFX, I was not well-connected to the local startup community. I recognized the need to have a better-connected community, particularly for tech companies.
This is a great area to start a business, and FoundersForge will only make it better.”

– Rodolphe Piere-Louis

I believe Kingsport, and this whole region for that matter, is ideal for startups for many reasons; from lower costs, abundant resources, to talent. Despite any competition in your space, or lack-thereof, this region is adamant about seeing businesses succeed and will help you see that happen.

– Chase Vaneski, Unboxed Reality

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Startups in our region are a diverse and broad group of Entrepreneurs that operate across a variety of industries. We will be highlighting each of the individuals on our blog, videos, and more!

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We have incredible talent and experience in our region.

We have be finding dedicated individuals that want to share their experiences with startups like yours in order to grow the region. When you are ready, reach out and we’ll get you matched the perfect advisors for you and your company. Would you make an incredible advisor for local startups? Let us know and we’ll get you on the list!

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