It begins with an idea, a simple spark…

Then your life changes forever. Our region’s entrepreneurs are working hard every day to change our communities and the word.

Our region has a diverse and vibrant Startup community. Best of all, they are just like you.

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Our region’s ecosystem is built on top of a diverse set of passionate Entrepreneurs, Advisors, and Supporting Organizations. Best of all, our ecosystem is built by people just like you

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Startups of the Appalachian Highlands

The Startups in the Appalachian Highlands are a diverse group of companies, products, and services.  They were built by people with a simple idea.

Now they are building a better region and world around all of us.

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ActionVFX is a special effects Startup in Johnson City that specializes in high-grade environmental effects for tv, film, and gaming. 

Connect Outdoors, Inc

Connect Outdoors provides the competitive fishing community with an event management system and avid fisherman a bluetooth scale to log their catches.

Pet Revolution

Pet Revolution is the largest provider of high-end small pet products on ETSY. Their silent hampster wheel launched their company’s growth.


Vayska solves the problem of impossible to clean hydration packs. Their beautiful design is a canvas that tells your greatest stories. Adventure Awaits with Vayska.


Made for you and your doggo, our nutritional skin gel tackles hotspots, rashes, itchy skin, Staph infections, cuts, bug bites, and more – wherever you go.

Stone Mountain Technologies

SMTI is a leading developer of cost effective, next generation heating technologies using sorption heat pump cycles. Our “thermal compressor” products are major leap forward in the HVAC industry.

Norton Hurley

Our mission is to offer premium personal hygiene products at affordable prices, highly personalized and discreete shopping, to each and every customer they serve.


Stay organized, manage your business, invoice clients, and optimize your time. ZenHammer is the ultimate project management tool for contractors.

BrewFund, Inc

BrewFund is a loyalty and engagement platform for the craft beer and coffee industries. BrewFund’s mission is bring people together at the places they love!

One Scientific

Our technology is capable of creating high purity hydrogen for 75% less cost than electrolysis. The small modular footprint eliminates expensive transportation costs.

Flow MedTech

Flow MedTech is a medical device company at the forefront of creating solutions the leading cardiovascular physicians need in the operating room.

Daily Eatz

DailyEatz is the nation’s only coupon-free source for discount dining information. Daily Eatz was also a previous iBucs Pitch competition winner.

Civic 365

Civic 365’s Voter Protection Service monitors your voter registration status and informs you if anything changes that would prevent you from being able to vote.


We are connecting students and alumni in a way that actually works. Host one-on-one career coaching AND provide inspiring/relevant content to students. 

Symply Data Centers

We make cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone by building, tuning, and maintaining your rig without taking a cut in the crypto rewards. We also host corporate blockchain as a service.


Get healthier through walking and by playing Agatha, a mobile game that uses walking to play a clue-like mystery game. #MakeWalkingFun


Creator of the Doomzday Turtle fishing lure | Created by anglers, for anglers, and loved by anglers. 

Grassy Ridge Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee, direct to your home. We source the best beans from around the world, roast them to perfection, and ship them to you within 48 hours.

Sabri Academy

Mo Sabri created a full-time career by creating a personal brand. Now, he’s working to show you how to do the same with Sabri Academy.

Micronic Technologies

Our Tornadic One-Pass™ filters water in one pass, using no membranes, filters, or chemicals while removing virtuall all contaminates.

SmartWorld Market

SmartWorld is a marketplace where you can shop for, or sell, any product that is considered “smart”, sustainable, clean, safe, green, eco-friendly, natural, or just plain good for you!

Per Vivo Labs

We are a proud Veteran-Owned Startup that manufactures, sells, and distributes portable human temperature management solutions and custom Class-I medical trays and kits.

Firestarter Mug Handle

The “Original” mug handle with a compartment for a ligher or dry storage. Get a Grip! What are you waiting for?

Unboxed Reality

We create digital twins of real world environments and objects to build experiences that empower anyone to better understand and communicate every detail of the physical spaces.

Hemp Dig

We are a marketplace for buyers and sellers of hemp, value-added products, equipment and services. It’s also the world’s first constant auction for hemp biomass, flower, crude, distillate, isolate, resin, seeds and clones.


Pay, track, and onboard your contractors easily and automatically. Qurbie even helps file your 1099 tax forms at the end of the year.


It begins with an idea. A simple spark. Then your life changes for ever. Our region's Entrepreneurs are working hard every day to change our community and the world around them. Now it's your turn.