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LLMs and You w/Jacob Windle

February 13 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Hear a lot about LLMs and don’t know where to start? This talk will guide you gently through the world of LLMs and how to interact with them. I will start with one of the seminal papers that defined a novel model architecture that got this started, and go through the following questions:

1. What is an LLM?
2. How do LLMs work? What do they do?
3. What tasks are LLMs well suited for?
4. How can I deploy an LLM? Should I use LLMs for my given business use case?
5. What does a typical LLM application development cycle look like?
6. What is zero-shot, one-shot, or few-shot learning?
7. What is in-context learning?

I will also demo some cool concepts, like

1. Chat with your PDF (Retrieval Augmented Generation)
2. Neural Machine Translation
3. Summarization / Sentiment.
4. ChatGPT


TriDev is a monthly software development meetup with a wide range of topics in order to mix a wide range of people. Topics include code, IoT and maker projects, VR/AR, design, soft skills, leadership, and more.

Each meetup starts at 6PM with a few minutes of chat and networking. At 6:15 a speaker gives the talk on the topic of the night. We try to limit the talk to an hour, so at 7:15 we can start our giveaways. We try and dismiss around 7:30 to have some time for discussion or extra Q/A with the speaker for folks who want to hang around, but allow for others to get home or to other obligations if needed. After the talk, we move to Main Street Pizza where our food sponsor, TekSystems, supplies pizza (on your own for drinks)!

[Join us online in-between events in our Discord server!](https://tricities.dev)


February 13
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Spark Plaza
404 S Roan St
Johnson City, TN 37601 United States