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Idea validation, mentorship, investor connections, and critical feedback; It’s all at the Forge. We understand you because we are you. It’s time to get involved.

Getting Started at the Forge

We are a community of entrepreneurs that have come together to support each other, host events, and make a difference in our community. Getting involved is as simple as coming to an event, joining in on an online discussion, or reaching out to us directly for a 1-on-1 meeting.

Please read our values and expectations below before engaging with us.

Get Started

How Will You Give Back?

Our Values

Give Before You Get

Come ready to give back. A healthy startup ecosystem exists when startups share, mentor, and give back at every event and every interaction. Share your ideas, experiences, and honest feedback.

We Are Open to Everyone

Diverse teams are successful teams. This has never been more important than in entrepreneurship, where creative solutions make or break companies.

No Bad Ideas

We never thought we’d get into strangers cars or rent rooms in their houses. But here we are. Give honest feedback but keep an open mind when ideas are shared.

Fail or Succed Fast – Through Validation

Sunk-Cost bias means spending time on a failing venutre when you could be succeeding on your next. Don’t be afraid to fail quickly by validating your ideas to you have time to evolve.


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