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Analyzing my Ultramarathon Training: Data Analysis w/ JuliaLang

May 9 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

For the last 4 months, I have been training for an ultra-marathon. The 50-mile race is on May 6th. During my training, I wore a Garmin watch and generated all kinds of data related to my runs, sleep, and even nutrition.

Join me for a post-race analysis of my running, where I attempt to answer questions like how much sleep actually effected my run performance, how time of day affected my runs, what days of the week I ran best, how my nutrition effected my runs, and much more.

I’ll use [https://julialang.org/](https://julialang.org/) for this analysis, a newer language from MIT that has gained a lot of ground in areas where Python normally excels. Along the way, I had to write a Julia library to complete my analysis. Learn about the Julia development process that I followed when developing this package as well!

Topics will include:

* How to begin a data analysis project
* Data Analysis skills w/Julia
* Gathering data
* Cleaning data
* Using DataFrames.jl
* Common plotting of data.
* Using Pluto.jl notebooks
* Writing reports with data
* Developing an open source Julia package
* Julia development process
* Using VSCode and Julia extension
* Interactive programming with the REPL
* Starting a Julia package
* Testing Julia packages.

TriDev is a monthly software development meetup with a wide range of topics in order to mix a wide range of people. Topics include code, IoT and maker projects, VR/AR, design, soft skills, leadership, and more.

Each meetup starts at 6PM with a few minutes of chat and networking. At 6:15 a speaker gives the talk on the topic of the night. We try to limit the talk to an hour, so at 7:15 we can start our giveaways. We try and dismiss around 7:30 to have some time for discussion or extra Q/A with the speaker for folks who want to hang around, but allow for others to get home or to other obligations if needed. Doors close at 8.


May 9
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Spark Plaza
404 South Roan Street
Johnson City, TN 37601 United States