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About the Program

Startup Bootcamp is a 9-week program that is tailored to the participating cohort. This program focuses on the needs of the Startups and provides customized education, mentorship, and access to potential customers.

Is Startup Bootcamp Right For You?

This program has been custom designed to help anyone with an idea or an existing early-stage Startup achieve future success. Our goal is to help anyone launch and grow a Startup through a defined process that focuses on using validation and customer feedback to guide the new venture through closed doors and over obstacles. 

Every Startup is different and Startup Bootcamp was custom designed to help lead your Startup to success in any industry. This is accomplished by following a process that questions, challenges, and inspires Startup Founders through community,  mentorship, and 1-on-1 coaching. 

Requirements / Qualifications:

 Attendees Must Have a Startup Idea They Want to Launch

 Existing Startups Are Also Invited to Apply

 Looking to Launch or Grow an Early-Stage Startup

 This Program is for High-Growth Startups
This is defined as any business that sells products/services at the national or global market.
(Small Businesses Should Apply to CO.STARTERS)

What Will I Learn?

Each program is tailored to the attendees needs. The speakers, mentors, and goals are defined for each Startup to maximize the impact made on future of the venture.  An example of some of the topics you may cover are listed below:

 Building a Launch Plan for Your Startup

 Customer Centric Product Design

 Building an Effective Marketing Plan

 Understanding How to Sell as a Founder

 Hiring Your First A-Team

 Achieving Product-Market-Fit to Succeed

 Protecting your Intellectual Property

 Pitching Your Startup

 Raising Investment Capital

 Planing How to Scale Your Company

Important Dates and Deadlines

Be sure to check your availability before applying. Startup Bootcamp requires a substantial time commitment in order to be successful in the program. You are expected to attend all meetings, conduct meeting with your advisors each week, and accomplish milestones throughout the program.

And it’s worth it. By committing to this program, your Startups momentum will increase, you will have made connections to help you succeed, and the future of your Startup will have a planned future. 

Applications Must Be Submitted by March 1st, 2021

Startup Bootcamp Begins March 15th, 2021

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