Application Due By March 19th | Bootcamp Starts April 9th


Many programs love to use the term boot camp but rarely do these programs provide the intensive training you need to succeed in entrepreneurship.

At Startup Bootcamp, we will break down your ideas or existing business to rebuild it on a solid foundation in 10 weeks so you have the knowledge, tools, and plans to succeed in your Startup Venture.

Nothing will move your ideas or existing company forward faster than this level of intense focus, access to mentorship, and customized education.

Is Startup Bootcamp Really That Intense?

Yes, this is an intense program. We cover a lot of material very quickly. It is designed for those that are truly committed to being a successful Startup Founder. On Day 1, we will dive into your company and the barriers that you will need to overcome to achieve success. During the program you will feel inspired, overwhelmed, excited, and uncomfortable. By forcing you to dive deep into various elements of your business you develop the knowledge and tools to succeed. 

You will also receive critical feedback and the program will challenge every assumption you make. The ability to learn from critical feedback is a key to success and Startup Bootcamp helps you develop these skills very quickly. If you don’t want to be challenged in your approach to building the next great business, this is not your program.

Our goal is not to scare you away. It is to find the people that truly want to succeed in building a Startup.

What Will I Learn?

Each Startup Bootcamp is Different.We customize the programming to the cohort of businesses that are participating. During our in-person sessions you will dive into specific content and hear from specialists. Then during your 1-on-1’s, which are scheduled on your own time each week, you will dive deep into specific problems you need to solve

Startup Bootcamp is Designed to Help You Identify and Avoid the Barriers to Your Success.

Too many Founders start with a great idea but continue to run into barriers that prevent them from growing their venture to success. In Startup Bootcamp, we focus on finding ways to truly validate your Startup’s potential success. We emphasize the importance of doing customer interviews properly, and building a customer acquisition model that feeds your Startup. 

At the end of Startup Bootcamp, you will have a deep knowledge of your market, business model, and you will have a 90-day plan to put into action. You will gain mentorship, be integrated into the regional startup community, and possibly leave with your first (or best) customers.

Topics We Cover

  • Startup Idea Validation
  • The Mom Test Approach to Customer Interviews
  • Value Prop Canvas & Business Model Canvas
  • Customer Centric Product / Service Design
  • Sales for Non-Sales Founders
  • Marketing Your Company
  • Business Models
  • Understanding Product-Market-Fit
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property
  • Building Your Brand Messaging
  • Bootstrapping vs Venture Capital
  • Pitching Your Startup for Fund and Profit
  • Customer Acquisition Flywheels
  • And so much more…

Requirements / Qualifications

Startup Bootcamp is limited to 10 companies per cohort and the spots are very competitive. We highly encourage you to Apply Early. When demand is high, we will hold multiple bootcamps per year.

  • Attendees Must Have a Startup Idea They Want to Launch or Have Already Launched
  • Existing Startups Are Also Welcome to Apply

  • Ability for at Least 1 Person From the Founding Team to Attend Every Session
    We Have a 3-Strike Rules on Absences. Your cohort needs you as much as you need them. Only join if you are serious about moving your startup forward.

  • Startup Bootcamp is Designed for High-Growth Startups
    We define high-growth as any business that is planning to acquire customers at a national or global scale at an early stage in their business. This can be a tech startup, inventions, consumer packaged goods, or other services. A small business looking to expand online is also a great fit for our program. We do this because our bootcamp team’s experiences are in high-growth startups and the topics we cover often do not work for small businesses. However, if you feel bootcamp is what you need to succeed, we are always happy to discuss it with you.

    CO.STARTERS is another 10 week program that has been specifically designed for small businesses. We highly recommend this program. 

  • Unsure? Just Apply
    If we have any questions we’ll reach out and discuss if Startup Bootcamp is a good fit. We select companies based on our ability to help them with the Startup Bootcamp Resources we can provide. We do not select companies based on their viability or potential success.

If You Don’t Get Accepted for Startup Bootcamp
This is not a reflection on you or your startup. The spots filled up or our bootcamp team did not feel we could create a program that benefited everyone in the cohort. We still want to work with you through 1-on-1 mentorship, access to our startup network, and by connected you to additional resources such as the We will provide you with the same level of support as Startup Bootcamp but over a longer period of time. 


Important Dates & Deadlines

Be sure to check your availability before applying. Startup Bootcamp requires a substantial time commitment in order to be successful in the program. You are expected to attend all meetings, conduct meeting with your advisors each week, and accomplish milestones throughout the program.

And it’s worth it. By committing to this program, your Startups momentum will increase, you will have made connections to help you succeed, and the future of your Startup will have a planned future.

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQ

    The FoundersForge Bootcamp is the reason we decided to turn our idea into a living, breathing, Startup. FoundersForge supplied us with the tools we needed to validate the concept for FytFeed and move into the prototyping phase. The community support we receiving through be a part of the cohort and the connections we’ve built continues to motivate us today.
    (Note: FytFeed was sold in 2023!)
    Katie Houston

    Co-Founder, FytFeed

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