I know NOTHING about Startups, Product, or Web or App development? Is this bootcamp for me? I have ideas are my ideas worth investing in?
YES! This program is entirely for you. Most perspectives on startup culture are misguided or have been set by Hollywood! Launching a new venture is a very tough thing to do but it can be a very rewarding process as you set your own company culture, hire the best talent, and overcome insurmountable tasks. But most conventional wisdom does not apply in the startup space. Not having a background in business, startups, or product development means you are an open book and ready to learn the best methods to achieve success in your new venture!

How far along can I be in my business venture for this to be relevant?
This program works best for:

  • Anyone with an idea for a startup
  • Startups that are getting ready to launch
  • Early stage businesses that may or may not be making money
  • Startups that are hitting a wall or ‘topped out’ with customers

This program is tailored to the attendees. You will receive the support you need and we’ll challenge many of your assumptions and ideas along the way. Still not sure? Reach out! Even if this program isn’t the best fit we have other programming available as well. Getting connected will open doors and help your startup over, under, or through the barriers in your way of success.

What if my idea is not an app?
That’s awesome! Not everything should be an app or even a digital product. Lots of startups achieve success through physical product development and inventions. We’re ready to help you pursue the validation and launch of your business.

What are these coaches you speak of?
Based on the needs of the applicants, we choose coaches that will help you set goals, push you to achieve your goals, and be a person that can keep you connected to the local startup scenes. The coaches job is not to do the work for you but to be your best cheerleader and try and open doors for you whenever possible.We select our coaches based on experience and domain knowledge so you gain the most help possible.

What should I expect when coming to these meetings?
You should expect to be challenged. The Startup Bootcamp team does not hold back when it comes to providing honest and deep feedback. We are not trying to crush your dreams! We are trying to identify roadblocks and challenge your assumptions. We constantly ask, “Why won’t this work?” instead of focusing on why it will. This changes the conversation to focus on identifying upcoming challenges and barriers to your success. It also means you learn to wear a thick skin when it comes to hearing feedback.It is critical that you understand our goal is to help you understand the challenges ahead of your business. It can be frustrating, disappointing, and challenging. But every startup that goes through this program comes out better, stronger, and more focused on achieving success.FoundersForge is built on many values and principles. One of the main guiding ones is, Give Before You Get. This means you should be prepared to offer honest feedback, value, and connections to your fellow bootcamp members. You might have a connection or a piece of feedback that helps them be successful. By providing value to others, you will receive an incredible amount of support back from everyone else. We have seen this work incredibly well over the years and that is why it’s a founding principle of FoundersForge.We also expect all members of the program to Give Back to the next cohort by supporting them in any way you can. We invite every Bootcamp to attend a welcome session right before the next program starts.

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